Never Have I Ever


Fish Of Gold


I’m stealing another post idea from Merbear because she’s awesome and I am clearly not creative at all.

When I was young and stupid enough to play drinking games, my friends and I played a game called Never have I ever where someone would say something that they’ve never done, and if you have done the thing they mention, you have to drink. I drank a lot because there was rarely anything I hadn’t done. This is a list of random things I’ve never done.

  • Never have I ever been to the moon (although I’d really like to).
  • Never have I ever peed my name in the snow.
  • Never have I ever driven a semi-truck.
  • Never have I ever been to Asia (and that’s a damn shame).
  • Never have I ever finished writing an entire fictional novel (even though I’ve started a dozen or so).
  • Never have I ever gone skydiving. (If it…

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